Student Services

Arrival Assistance

An airport pick-up service is available to arriving students, upon request. This is undertaken as part of a meet-and-greet service and usually requires at least one week’s notice to the Institute by email to, prior to the student’s arrival. Please note there is a fee of $50 for this service.


Accommodation Assistance

TIV does not have its own accommodation facilities. However accommodation assistance will be provided to students upon request. There is a fee of $50 charged for this service. Two weeks’ notice prior to arrival is required.


Student Handbook

The Student Handbook will provide you with lots of information about your studies, assessments, student administration processes, student support and resources, your rights and responsibilities and also some general information about life in Australia.



Our Induction/Orientation program is conducted prior to the commencement of your course. Its purpose is to inform new students about studying at TIV and other vital information including resources such as uniforms, tool kits as applicable.


Free English Class

TIV provides free English class every Friday. This is in support to students who wish to improve their English communication skills. Topics include speaking, writing, listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary. For more information, you may contact one of our Administration Officers.


LLN Support

Students who were assessed satisfactory with the LLN Evaluation but were found to have gap in certain skill area will be referred to our English Manager for further support.


Student Support and Counseling services

In the event that a student is experiencing difficulties with their studies we recommend that the student first speak to their trainer or to another member of the academic staff. We will ensure that the full resources of TIV are made available to assist the student to achieve the required standard of performance in their chosen course.


We also have Student Support Officers who are available to help students adjust in settling in to life in Melbourne. These staff will also guide and help students with either personal or study problems they may encounter. TIV will also refer students to a free counseling service also available to assist those who may be facing more serious problems.


To assist its students who require or request additional support on a range of issues from academic to personal, the Institute can also refer them to external counselling service. The details as follows:



599 Lt Bourke Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000
Telephone 03 83836402 Email:
This service provides professional counselling for a range of personal, family and work-related issues as well as mental health issues; psychological and personality assessment; training in time and stress management, assertiveness, conflict resolution, effective communication, interpersonal skills and relationship skills and emotional management.


Cultural Support

It is normal for many international students to experience some difficulties settling in to living, studying and working in Australia. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please see one of our friendly Student Support Officers at Reception. They will be able to organise any additional help you may need.


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

All international students are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC), as part of their visa conditions. TIV can arrange OSHC for students if they require it.


OSHC covers the majority of the cost of most medical expenses for treatment from a doctor (including specialists), whether it is in hospital, or at the doctor‘s surgery. It also covers a student for pathology services such as blood tests and x-rays, as well as emergency ambulance services.


OSHC will not cover illness or disability that existed before the student arrived in Australia, and that may require the student to undergo related medical treatment while studying, for the first 12 months of their stay. It also does not cover dental and optometry costs but extra OSHC can be taken out to cover these services. For more information regarding OSHC please see our friendly Student Services Officers.


Note: For more information, please download our Student Handbook and refer to Support Services.