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Our years of experience preparing students for success means that we know exactly how to maximise your learning potential and help you to achieve success in your chosen field. Our trainers want you to achieve your goals - they really care about you and want you to do well. The international environment at TIV promotes awareness and understanding of national and cultural differences and encourages students to work together in a team to improve inter-personal skills.

Our graduates embark upon their careers with confidence, armed with knowledge, basic experience and the communication skills which will allow them to successfully face career challenges. TIV is a registered Training Provider (RTO) delivering Nationally Recognized Training package qualifications. Our main campus is conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD, providing students with easy access to public transport, accommodation, shopping and entertainment activities.

Unique Features of our programs What do you want to study?

  • A great support

    TIV has found that with the right support, students have a better chance of succeeding. This includes one-on-one support from lecturers and tutors and active monitoring from staff.

  • High Quality Learning

    TIV’s provide a solid foundation for life success, in class and beyond, including encouraging perseverance, good study methods , learning strategies, and adopting the right mind-set and social skills.

  • Greater Career Outcomes

    TIV’s teachers are selected based on their excellent academic knowledge and industry experience in the subject they teach. In addition, all our courses are designed and developed in consultation with the industry.

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