International Student Management



Technical Institute of Victoria (TIV) enrols all students using a marketing and selling approach and ensures they are aware of both their responsibilities and privileges and of our offering to them. TIV will provide potential clients with marketing information that is ethical, professional, accurate, consistent with its scope of registration and maintains the reputation of the VET industry.


Our complaints and appeals processes are transparent and designed to resolve most day-to-day problems. All investigations shall commence within 10 working days of receipt of the written complaint. The student’s enrolment at the Institute shall not be affected and shall be maintained during the period until the appeal is resolved. All outcomes shall be implemented as soon as practicable and consistent with good business practice. TIV shall respond to all complaints and appeals with good faith and in keeping with becoming a learning organisation.


We do not make claims of association between providers, employment outcomes associated with our courses, automatic acceptance into any other course, possible migration outcomes or other claims relating to us as an RTO, our courses or any which outcomes associated with any of our courses.


TIV does not enrol international students under the age of 18.


TIV will participate in the Student Identifier Scheme. It will ensure that all enrolled Students will have a verified Unique Student Identifier (unless exemptions applies) and assure the security of such USI and all related documents under its control including information in the Student Management System.


We shall provide up to date accurate information to potential and existing students through our website or in hard copy.


TIV maximizes the outcomes of their students by implementing strategies of continuous improvement responding to their feedback and optimizing their learning outcomes.


We shall issue certification documentation only to Student whom we have assessed as meeting the requirements of the training product as specified in the relevant training package.


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